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Ability to feel

Something invisible connect us even in distance. We are able to feel other people. Especially significant it becomes when we create music on stage. Let us call this phenomenon of interacting between humans in our jazz life - Aura jazz.

I have two significant own proofs or experiences of feeling other musicians who lived thousands miles from me. One of them. I was very young, thirsty to listen to every possible source of jazz music. I really liked music of Duke Ellington and spent hours listening to that. I had also my radio in pocket and I used it to listen late nights The Voice of America Jazz Hour presented by Willis Cannover. One day the thought about Duke, that he is not young anymore and how long this man would be with us came into my head. Same evening I was listening the radio and thundering voice of Willis Cannover told that we will gonna to hear broadcast from Duke Ellington's funeral from st Jones Cathedral. Another story was with Paul Desmond. I used to listen to Dave Brubeck. i played on recorder one tune - Kyoto Song. After many years I was walking and suddenly this tune struck my mind. The same night I got final news about Paul Desmond. We feel other musicians through their music. Music is another language.